V – Vegetarian / Vg – Vegan / GF – Gluten Free

All our meat and dairy is free-range and ethically sourced

Our Menu is available from 11am until 2pm

All menu items are available to sit in or take away

Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry(V Vg GF)

A mild to medium rich creamy coconut curry finished with fresh baby spinach and coriander. Served with naan bread or gluten free garlic bread.


Macaroni Cheese(V)

Our original recipe house Mac and Cheese. Made with mature Campbell Town Scottish Cheddar and finished with melted mozzarella. Served with garlic ciabatta.


Five Bean Chilli (V Vg GF)

A mild(ish) five bean chilli in a rich tomato sauce finished with fresh coriander. Served with homemade tortilla chips or gluten free garlic bread.


Sali Murghi: Chicken and Apricot Curry with Potato Straws (GF)

This curry starts with tamarind and lime juice sweet and sour notes and finishes with the mild spice of Kashmiri chillies. Topped with potato straws for crunch and texture and served with naan bread.


Summer Salads

A mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes, mixed fresh peppers, cucumber and red onion. Served with a choice of Mature Scottish Cheese, Free Range Scottish Turkey or Hand Carved Ham shoulder


Scottish Ploughmans

Mixed leaf salad and cherry tomatoes, mature Scottish cheddar, our handmade Haggis Sausage Roll*, pickle and an apple. Served with a slice of crusty bread and butter.


* Our Haggis and Pork is Free Range and is supplied from Cranstons Butchers in Glasgow

Lebanese Seven Spice Chicken

Chicken breast coated with an aromatic Lebanese seven spice mix, served in a flatbread with garlic mayo and mixed leaf. Served with a side of French Fries and house salad.


Cheesy Chips (V) Sit in £2.50 / Take away £2.25

Baked Potatoes

Cheese and Onion – Sit in £3.30 / Takeaway £2.80

Cheesy Beans – Sit in £3.95 / Takeaway £3.45

Tuna Mayo – Sit in £3.95 / Takeaway £3.45

Ham and Cheese – Sit in £4.25 / Takeaway £3.75

Coronation Chickpea – Sit in £3.95 / Takeaway £3.45

Sandwiches / Toasties

Cheese and Onion – Sit in £3.00 / Takeaway £2.50

Tuna Mayo – Sit in £3.50 / Takeaway £3.00

Cheese and Ham – Sit in £3.75 / Takeaway £3.25

Coronation Chickpea – Sit in £3.50 / Takeaway £3.00

Ham and Mustard Mayo – Sit in £3.50 / Takeaway £3.00

Soup of the Day

Served with Bloomer Bread. Sit in £2.50 / Take away £2.25